BOOTS Got Run The Jewels, Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Guitarist, And Actress Cristin Milioti On One Song

02.13.18 10 months ago

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Unlikely or unexpected musical collaborations are always fun to read about; A couple recent ones that come to mind are the joint effort between Neil Young and DRAM for the Bright soundtrack, and Sting and Shaggy’s album that’s dropping on 4/20.

Here’s another one: BOOTS just shared a new EP titled #DARKDAZE, and the track “Delete Delete” features Run The Jewels (not really weird at all), Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner (maybe a little odd), and actress Cristin Milioti (definitely unexpected, but actually not that taboo once you realize she previously won a Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album in 2013, for her work in Once).

At face value, it’s a strange grouping, but once you get to the actual song, it makes sense. It begins as a classic bass-heavy, Run The Jewels-sounding hip-hop track, and it stays in that lane throughout. Zinner provides guitar throughout, and Milioti turns in a breathy sung hook that works well with the song. It’s not so much the musicality of the song that’s strange, because everybody plays their role well and the track works, but you can’t help but wonder how this whole thing came together.

Listen to the EP above, and read BOOTS’ full statement about the release below.

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