Cardi B Looks To Keep Her Run Going With ‘Bartier Cardi’ Featuring 21 Savage

Cardi B has had an amazing run, with a smash single in “Bodak Yellow,” a few more, history-making Top 10 singles and some Grammy nominations for her troubles. But her biggest pundits keep wondering what is next for the Bronx rapper, and if she can live up to the hype of and follow up “Bodak.” Well, now we’re going to find out because Cardi is back with her new single “Bartier Cardi” and she brought 21 Savage along for the ride.

Cardi announced the single weeks ago, and though it didn’t drop on her proposed date of December 15, it’s here now, just a week later. There was some skepticism that Cardi could give “Bodak” a proper followup, both in terms of hype and quality, as her other Top 10 hits were guest appearances on “No Limit” with G-Eazy and “Motorsport” with Migos and Nicki Minaj. But Cardi more than held her own on both tracks, so some of that skepticism should have been quelled with her performances there.

Now, after a huge year, Cardi is a bonafide star and hitmaker, and she’s even looking like a Late Night TV stalwart, so there’s little reason left to doubt her and her ability. Now she just has to follow through with all that promise. Check out Cardi B’s new single “Bartier Cardi” featuring 21 Savage below.