Cardi B Says She Loves Taylor Swift, With ‘Bodak Yellow’ Poised To Overtake Her At No. 1

Cardi B, poised to depose Taylor Swift at no. 1 on the charts, is apparently a huge Taylor Swift fan.

In response to a post from media website Cycle’s Twitter account that read, “Bodak Yellow” is THIS close to #1. Ready for @iamcardib to make history,” one kind-hearted Swift fan wrote, “Taylor Swift fans send our support! If anyone takes the number one spot from Taylor, we want it to be Cardi!”

Cardi apparently saw the response and was quick to graciously accept the fan’s support and reciprocate with a little of her own. “Awww that’s sooo sweet,” she replied, “I love me some Taylor Swift my freaking self.”

On the flip side of this sweet exchange, some fans might juxtapose Cardi showing love to Taylor with Nicki Minaj appearing on Katy Perry’s latest single to again prompt speculation of hidden beef between Cardi and Nicki, despite Cardi’s insistence that it’s all love between herself and the Queen Barb.

In the meantime, it’s refreshing to see competing pop stars showing one another love, which is a break from the normally “warring tribes” state of “stan” Twitter, especially with the No. 1 spot on the Hot 100 up for grabs. Stars’ fans can be possessive and competitive, and social media can be pretty toxic at times (okay, most of the time), so it’s nice to see a little more love on the timeline, even over something as frivolous as pop star appreciation. If Cardi does take this slot though, it could arguably change the rap game forever.