Hear Lil Yachty’s Woozy, Underwater Remix Of Katy Perry’s ‘Chained To The Rhythm’


Chained To The Rhythm” is fast becoming the favored source track of your favorite musicians. First, Hot Chip came from out of nowhere to turn the Katy Perry disco track into a glitched-up house song and now Lil Yachty is chiming in with his own “BoatRemix.”

While you might expect Yachty to bring some of his trademark sproinginess to the track, covering the song in technicolor hues and high-energy asides like he did for “It Takes Two,” Lil Boat’s take on the song is decidedly low-key and mellow. The Atlanta rapper doesn’t go full Houston on the track, but Perry’s single is slowed down quite a bit into a loping groove.

Yachty also barely shows up on the track, leaving the listener to ruminate on Perry’s stretched-out assertions that we’re living in a bubble. The most Yachty moment actually comes at the very end of his brief verse when he breaks the flow to shout “I love you, Katy!” All this is to say it probably won’t make Yachty fans happy, but people who still hold negative feelings about the teen might find something to like. Check it out up top.

We know one thing, the eventual video that Yachty makes for this Soundcloud remix is going to be incredible.