‘SNL’ And Chance The Rapper Give Us A Boyz II Men Throwback Track Asking Barack Obama To ‘Come Back’

If there’s one thing for sure about SNL, they still have the classic R&B flavor locked down. It’s not “Dick In A Box,” but Chance The Rapper’s ode to Barack Obama to the tune of any number of Boyz II Men songs. It’s got the soulful talking portion and it’s full of that yearning you might expect to hear about a lost love. The difference here is that it is a president and it likely echoes the way a lot of people feel in the country right now.

Chance and the others look a lot better than Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake’s version of Color Me Badd, which translates to the real life inspirations too. There aren’t many people that are going to take Color Me Badd over Boyz II Men or even K-Ci and JoJo. They’d also likely take Barack Obama over Donald Trump right about now.

One thing that is certain from the beginning of this SNL, Chance The Rapper brought his A-game to the show heading into the short Thanksgiving break. The opening, up to Eminem’s performance, was entertaining and might’ve even been written by Chance himself. If he decided he wanted to be musical too, you couldn’t really blame him. He seems to be able to just handle everything that is thrown at him.

(Via SNL)