‘SNL’s’ Kate McKinnon Proves She Can Be Anyone As She Plays Julian Assange In ‘The Mueller Files’

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In a scene reminiscent of All The President’s Men, Kate McKinnon, playing Julian Assange, meets with Donald Trump Jr. in a dark corner of the world. It’s during the presidential race in 2016, and right after Wikileaks DM’d Trump Jr. on Twitter with a lead on some hot information regarding Hillary Clinton. “As off the record sliding into my DMs is, I thought this might be safer,” McKinnon as Assange says.

All is going well, and the younger Trump has his very own Deepthroat in Assange, basically gifting him a leg up on the presidential race, or so it seems. Unfortunately, Don Junior’s little brother Eric can’t help but be scared of being left alone in the car, and joins the sketchy meeting. As Junior explains, “circumstances change, and since Eric’s wife had to work, Don Jr. had to watch him for the day.”

But incognito meetings must go on.

“I want dirt on Hillary,” Trump says. “You’re in luck. How does a treasure trove of hacked DNC emails sound?” A completely prepared Assange answers. Unfortunately, Eric Trump continues to confuse the situation as he constantly gets distracted and in a meta moment, mispronounces “live” from New York, it’s Saturday Night.”

Poor, simple Eric.

The sketch once again proves the greatness of Kate McKinnon, who plays an excellent agent of chaos along with just about everything else.

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