Chance The Rapper Announced A $2 Million Initiative To Support Young People In Chicago

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Looking to expand his already sizable impact on his hometown, Chance The Rapper took to Facebook Live today to help the charitable organization Chicago Beyond announce a $2 million innovation challenge. The organization is accepting 90 second video submissions from non-profit organizations all over the country in hopes of getting great ideas to help support the young people of Chicago. “Submit the ideas,” Chance said. “We’d love to fund them as long as they positively impact the City of Chicago.”

“We’re looking for ideas that support young people,” Chicago Beyond Managing Director Liz Dozier said. “Anything to do with education. Anything to support a safer community.”

To be eligible to make a submission you must…

Have been in existence (or be working with a nonprofit organization that has been in existence) for at least three years
Provide a new approach or way of solving a complex issue facing Chicago’s youth
Work with young people between the ages of 13 to 25 years old
Be willing to work with Chicago Beyond and a research partner to learn from and grow their work
Produce audited financial reports for the last three years (only if invited to the Formal Review Process)
Note: Chicago Beyond will not invest in individuals, benefits, annual campaigns, private schools or private research

According to their site, Chicago Beyond is described as, “a venture philanthropy fund that was created to transform the lives of young people by focusing on two critical issues — youth safety and educational attainment. We strive to identify disruptive and innovative ideas within these two areas to invest in, to learn from, and, most importantly, to grow.”

For those who are hoping to submit videos, head over to the official Chicago Beyond website. The deadline for submission is three weeks from today on July 7. “It’s fully your guy’s project,” Chance added. “We just want to fund it.”