Chance The Rapper Shares The Nitty Gritty Dollar Specifics Of His Apple Deal

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One of the music industry’s biggest secrets has finally been revealed and the information comes straight from the source.

After mentioning in an interview with Complex earlier this week that he may sell his next album, the discussion surround Chance The Rapper again turned to his deal with Apple that allowed his last album Coloring Book to be an exclusive on Apple Music for two weeks. Though details leak out, Apple has notoriously said nothing confirming dollar amounts attached to any of their Apple Music deals with artist like Chance, Drake, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean and more. That policy has lead to rampant speculation and sourced leaks, though nothing about Chance’s deal had become public knowledge. Until now.

Chance took too Twitter, seemingly in response to all of the discussion about him this week to reveal just what he made from the Apple deal.

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