Chance The Rapper Becomes ‘The Mariah Carey Of Thanksgiving’ In His Hilarious ‘SNL’ Monologue

Chance The Rapper didn’t take the stage to kick off SNL with his trademark hat, but it didn’t seem to throw him off. He says he has nothing to promote, so he’s just promoting Thanksgiving and his pledge to give $1 million to Chicago public schools. The only problem here is that he doesn’t actually have the cash, something that is hard to believe and actually seems very reckless to pledge money you don’t have to charity. Luckily he’s got a plan and the SNL monologue is his ticket to make it happen.

Chance wants to become the Mariah Carey of Thanksgiving and make some of that sweet holiday cash bank. So he puts on his best hokey singing voice and introduces all the best parts of your random Thanksgiving celebrations. And honestly, it’s fantastic and could actually become a Thanksgiving staple — even if it seems like SNL does this sort of thing every Thanksgiving. Chance’s positive attitude is infectious and its a fine way to kick off the show after a few weeks of addressing heavy topics or making horrible jokes about concentration camps.

If anything, it quickly makes you forget that Chance just said that he didn’t actually have the $1 million he promised to the public schools.

(Via SNL)