Damon Dash Says Him And Kanye West Plan To Buy Karmaloop

Board meeting had to go over some @damondashstudios biz showed him @loisaidas and @toohonorable_ddstudios got the thumbs up and yeah the Karmaloop thing is real…this is exactly how I saw things 10 years ago and he’s doing some shit that even I couldn’t do but it’s not my place to speak on it…but let’s just say iam proud as fuck…that’s the way it’s supposed to be…the younger dudes are supposed to be better then us…that’s what we fight for #honaorablepeoplesticktogether

Generations of real fighters sticking together for the whole world to see…this was always the plan but s**t is real and where not doing any bubble gum s**t and I hope the whole world sees this and wants to do the same thing…stay tuned
– Damon Dash

Karmaloop has had financial issues will be filling for bankruptcy. Would this be a good move for Kanye West and Damon Dash to come in and take over?