Danger Mouse And MF Doom Ride Together Again On ‘Mad Nice’ Featuring Black Thought

Danger Mouse and MF Doom came together as Danger Doom in 2005 for The Mouse And The Mask, a successful combination of Doom raps and beats based mostly on Adult Swim shows. Twelve years later, Doom’s Metalface Records is re-releasing the album as The Mouse & The Mask (Metalface Edition). That matters because this edition of the album includes “Mad Nice,” a previously unheard track featuring The Roots’ Black Thought that was shared today.

The song opens with a creepy and evil laugh from horror master Vincent Price before settling into an optimistic- sounding, piano-based beat. Black Thought takes the first verse and establishes the lyrical theme of coming from humble beginnings: “Now ever since I can remember I been living blue collar / Searching for something, trying to make a few dollars.” Then Doom comes to the mic and continues on the same thread, with lyrics like, “Straight and narrow, as the flight of a sparrow […] / How you supposed to shoot for the moon with one arrow?”

The reissue will be available in CD and 3xLP vinyl editions, each consisting of three major components: The original The Mouse And The Mask album, the 2006 Occult Hymn EP (which has been remastered and is the duo’s only other release together), and two bonus tracks, the other of which is called “Spokesman.”

Both options are available for preorder here, and you can listen to “Mad Nice” below.