Dave Chappelle Impersonated Lil Wayne And Sang Some Drake In His Latest Comedy Specials

Dave Chappelle is back and everybody’s celebrating. On Monday, the comedian released not just one, but two, brand new comedy specials to Netflix. The first Dave Chappelle: The Age Of Spin was filmed at Los Angeles’ Palladium in March 2016, while the second Dave Chappelle: Deep In The Heart of Texas took place at the Moody Theater in Austin in April 2015. They’re both part of a reported $60 million deal that the comedian received.

While Chappelle takes on a whole host of different topics during his two differing hours onstage, during each, he makes some time to riff on one of his favorite subjects: Rappers. In The Age of Spin, the Chappelle goes on a short interlude about Kevin Hart’s wealth, then invokes Drake to skewer his fellow comedian. “Kevin is the first comedian that a Drake song could be about,” he said. “Kevin could walk around his house and sing ‘All Me’ and the whole song would still be true.” He then busted out a portion of the Drizzy track. “Got everything, I got everything / I cannot complain, I cannot / I don’t even know how much I really made, I forgot, it’s a lot / F**k that, never mind what I got.”

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In the second special, he adopts an impersonation of Lil Wayne as a CSI detective investigating a crime scene.

In typical Chappelle fashion, both scenes are hilarious. If you haven’t seen Dave Chappelle: The Age Of Spin or Dave Chappelle: Deep In The Heart of Texas yet, seriously, what are you waiting for?