Desiigner Will Likely See The Drugs Charges Against Him Get Dropped

For a moment there it looked like Desiigner’s future was up in smoke after a road rage incident allegedly yielded a pharmacy’s worth of prescription pills and a loaded gun. Turns out the other driver in the road rage incident may have been mistaken about the rapper pulling out a gun on him because police couldn’t find the alleged weapon anywhere in Desiigner’s SUV. In fact, gun charges were later dropped. Now, the drug charges may end up getting dropped as well because it looks like all the Oxy police found wasn’t Oxy at all.

It appears as though the illegal narcotics found in 19-year-old rapper’s ride were just regular old steroids, according to a report by TMZ. What authorities originally found in the vehicles console were believed to be OxyContin, methadone and steroids. Actually, the stash was just all steroids, “including methandrostenolone, PharmOne Oxandrolone and Halotestin Fluoxymesterone,” 302 pills in total in several Ziploc bags.

In a clip following his arraignment, Designer said he didn’t need to sell pills anymore so the charge was preposterous. Especially now that he’s made it big as a rapper. TMZ notes the roids found in the vehicle belong to the “Tiimmy Turner’s'” driver.

As previously reported, Desiigner was charged with possession and intent to sell controlled substances. The intent to sell charge was dropped over.

(via TMZ)