Desiigner Ambushed A Brooklyn BBQ Armed With Nothing But ‘Panda’ And A Megaphone

07.05.16 3 years ago

One thing every cookout needs is music. For most people, we turn to a stereo of some kind but a “lucky” group in Brooklyn actually got an impromptu performance by none other than Future Desiigner, complete with megaphone in hand.

Yeah, that happened. The man not only tossed the megaphone from one hand to the other as if it were a microphone or a baton, but he’s got so much energy for a cat performing in 90 degree wether with a hoodie on while wearing a black shirt no less.

Some in the crowd seemed rather bemused while others actually got into it. Obviously no one was as excited to hear the song as Desiigner was, as he continues to provoke one important question: Does he have any other songs he can perform? Even with his first official tape  finally seeing the light of day and “Timmy Turner” doing its thing sans the fairy godparents, “Panda” is the gift that seemingly keeps giving.

Seriously, didn’t he just do his whole set? This is a guy who tours around the country and it’s easy to imagine that he just did a free show on a basketball court in his backyard.

Keep milking it, homie. Props for having as much energy there as you’d have there for a few onlookers as you’d have for several thousand of them paying to see you. Still, my spider-sense tells me that his career will have more in common with a supernova than the sun. It’ll burn bright for a short period of time only to flame out over an ocean and disappear, never to be seen again. Either that or he’ll take his megaphone flipping skills and become the grand marshal of some local parade.

(Via XXL)

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