People Are Losing It Over Diddy’s Ridiculous Red Carpet Pose

Every event has that couple who outdo themselves to the point that no one else can touch them — tonight at the Met Gala that couple was Diddy and Cassie. These two have been together (on again off again) for a very long time, which is probably what gives them the confidence to try something as kooky as the pose they pulled off tonight. While Cassie posed pretty normal, showing off the folds of her gown, Diddy took it upon himself to lay down on the Met Gala stairs and just lounge there for a while:

This is the kind of hilarious, off-the-wall idea that Twitter immediately latched onto, and most of us needed a laugh like this after a fairly bad Monday. Diddy’s pose wasn’t the only fascinating element of his outfit tonight though, which also had some very intricate stitching that specific cultural references to mind:

Since the theme tonight is in honor of Rei Kawakubo, the avant garde designer who is infamous for including architectural shapes in her designs, it makes perfect sense for Diddy and Cassie to use space in an unconventional way. I’m guessing Rei will approve of their posing and the volume in the train of Cassie’s dress. Check out more reactions below.