Drake’s Temporary Toronto Home Has A Breathtaking ‘View’ Of The CN Tower

08.22.17 7 months ago

Drake’s new Toronto house may be temporary while he gets his mansion built, but it looks like he’s already adding flourishes of home, including artwork by Damien Hirst, some photograph prints, and a massive Peanuts panel on the walls. But the highlight of the short tour that he provided via camera phone — which you can watch above — is the neon sign in the as-yet unfurnished studio that reads “More Tupac, Less Drake.” The Boy gives no indication of what this cryptic message may mean before moving onto the “grand finale” — an absolutely breathtaking “view” of Toronto’s CN Tower, onto which he photoshopped himself for the infamous album cover that launched 1,000 memes.

Drake’s featured the CN Tower pretty prominently in his artistry of late, including the mysterious, “You don’t know what’s in store,” Instagram post that included a photo taken of the stage at his most recent OVO fest. Drake’s pride in his hometown certainly opened doors for other Toronto artists, as recently expressed by Tory Lanez, and it looks like he still keeps the 6 close to his heart. Now he’s close to its biggest landmark, letting it inspire him for whatever he cooks up next.

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