Ranking The Songs From Drake’s Classic Mixtape ‘So Far Gone’

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In a year where free, streaming music finally being recognized by the Grammys has become one of the biggest stories in the industry, it’s only fitting that the news comes right around the anniversary of one of the most monumental free, streaming releases of all-time. Drake’s So Far Gone officially turned eight years old on February 13th, and had the rules been in place nearly a decade ago the mixtape-that’s-really-an-album would have undoubtedly been recognized in some form at the Grammys. In fact, the mixtape’s biggest single “Best I Ever Had,” was nominated for a Grammy in 2010 after Drake released some of the songs as a retail LP, and “almost got a Grammy off of that thang.”

While Drizzy did release two lesser-received mixtapes before So Far Gone, this was truly the project that jumpstarted the career of the current biggest rapper in the world, and judging by the streaming numbers last year, maybe the biggest musician period. It was the peak of mixtapes, and maybe the most accurate setup of an artist’s aesthetic in their debut that the genre has ever seen. Simply put, it was a game-changer, and the reverberations from So Far Gone‘s impact are still felt today.

So now, what better time to run through the songs, one-by-one and settle the debate for good by ranking them from worst (really like, least best) to best. But first, an honorable mention

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