Hear The Full Version Of El-P’s Rejected ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Trailer Score

Getty Image

With over 20 years deep in the rap game, it’s easy to forget that Run The Jewels rapper/producer El-P — short for “El Producto” — got his start making dystopian soundscapes for alternative rappers in the ’90s that evoked bombed-out, post-apocalyptic wastelands and far-flung, technologically-advanced futures. However, if you feel that sounds like the setting for the Blade Runner films, you wouldn’t be alone. The veteran producer recently revealed that he actually crafted a score for the trailer of Blade Runner 2049, but that it was ultimately rejected in favor of the moodier scores that preceded the film’s release.

However, rather than let the unused track languish, El-P decided that it was still worth sharing with the world, which is exactly what he did, uploading it to Soundcloud and tweeting the link today. “Here is the full, unmixed and ultimately rejected blade runner 2049 trailer music demo i made,” he wrote. “Enjoy.”

Apparently, because it wasn’t selected to actually enhance the trailer, P never mixed it, so the track may attack your speakers a little funky depending on your settings, but it’s easy to see how his weird, bombastic style could have fit into the trailer for the film. As he noted in the past, he used the same synths Blade Runner composer Vangelis used for the original film. While there’s no Killer Mike verse on it yet, it’s still a remarkable candidate for a future Run The Jewels track if ever there was one.