Listen To Eminem’s ‘Campaign Speech’ While You Wait For His New Album To Drop

Nevermind those rap debates on if the world needs another Eminem album, because Marshall Mathers is back with the #barz. The elusive rapper just dropped his newest single, “Campaign Speech,” and it’s all the battle raps and syllable-rhyming you can cram into a nearly eight-minute song. Who doesn’t love those hyper-lyrical rappity raps, right? RIGHT?!

Jumped out of the second floor of a record store
With a Treacherous Four cassette and a cassette recorder
In Ecuador with Edward Norton
Witness the metamorphosis of a legend growin’ like an expert swordsman
From the Hessian war and hence the origin of the headless horseman
Born with the endorphins of a pathetic orphan
Endless sores and reservoir of extension cords in dresser drawers
And deadbolts on the bedroom doors
And sexual torture kits kept in a separate storage bin
Excellent boyfriend

The timely titled “Campaign Speech” is just a little appetizer for hungry Shady fans before Marshall comes back around with the main course that is his upcoming album. The rapper, who just celebrated his 44th birthday this week, tweeted, “Don’t worry I’m working on an album!” along with the new single’s release.

We should’ve known Em was working on something new after popping up Skyler Grey’s “Kill For You” last month.