Fergie Keeps Kicking Classic Rap References In Her ‘Like It Ain’t Nuttin’ Video

Who knew Fergie had bars? After more than holding her own alongside Nicki Minaj with some Big Daddy Kane-influenced flows in her “You Already Know” video, Fergie rolls solo and turns up her internal rap reference machine to twenty for “Like It Ain’t Nuttin’.”

Breakdancing with a pop-locking anime robot? Check. Visually checking for New Edition’s onstage presence and smooth moves? Check. Paying homage to Pharaohe Monch’s infamous “Girls, rub on your t*tties” line from “Simon Says?” Microphone check, one, two, one, two. It looks like the time pop music’s favorite “MILF” spent with the classic hip-hop trio Black Eyed Peas rubbed off on her. Since leaving the group for a solo career, Fergie has dabbled a bit in sing-song rhyme schemes in joints like “London Bridge” and “Fergalicious,” but she’s displayed some genuine hip-hop chops in the singles for her upcoming album, Double Dutchess.

Other rap classics she pulls out of her sleeve in her flossy, party-starting rap verses on “Like Ain’t Nuttin'” include Wu-Tang Clan’s “CREAM,” Audio Two’s “Top Billin’,” and Cold Chillin’, the legendary label that released hits from Big Daddy Kane and his Juice Crew cohorts, Biz Markie, Marley Marl, and Kool G Rap. Fergie’s old-school/new-school crossover rhymes have been done before — Missy Elliot’s Under Construction album visuals spring to mind here — but it’s nice to see someone still appreciates the classics, without eschewing the sense of fun that makes modern hip-hop so accessible to today’s youth.

Double Dutchess drops Friday, September 22 on BMG, and is available for pre-order on Fergie’s official website.