Forgotten Rap Songs That Burned Up Your iPod 10 Years Ago

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01.11.17 14 Comments

Every year it gets harder to believe that 10 years ago was, well, 10 years ago. “Wait, 2007 was 10 years ago? What the f*ck?!” Yes it was, and these are a couple of songs that were total heat rocks back in the day. If there are any takeaways here, it would be that Southern culture had as tight a hold on rap a decade ago as it does today. What’s different now is AF1s and XXXXL white tees have been replaced with Versace robes and Gucci flip flops.

Shop Boyz, “Party Like A Rockstar”

The South’s stronghold on Rap in the mid-aughts included tunes from Shop Boyz. “Party Like A Rockstar” was such a huge number that the earworm earned the group a Best Rap performance By a Duo or Group Grammy nomination. You can even go as far as to say these guys were Migos before Migos.

Cassidy, “My Drink N’ My Two Step”

Cassidy found great success with the 2003 “Hotel” and 2005 megahit “I’m A Hustla,” which he probably is still cashing checks for. But do you remember “My Drink N’ My Two Step”? It was his first single after spending eight months in jail for manslaughter and suffering injuries from a car wreck.

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