A Former Mobb Deep Affiliate Reveals Why Prodigy’s Queensbridge Mural Kept Getting Destroyed

07.17.17 10 months ago

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On “It’s Mine,” Prodigy noted his life was filled with “more drama than the Baldwins–”and it looks like it carried on past his time on earth. Shortly after his death in Las Vegas at 42, New York artists Jeff Henriquez and Eli “Eli Eos” Lazare painted a mural of him across the street from Queensbridge, the Queens housing project he helped make infamous along with his Mobb Deep partner Havoc.

The mural was soon splattered with white paint, fixed within a day, then splattered again with red paint. The mural was eventually taken down, to the chagrin of many Mobb Deep fans. An Instagram post by LevelUpHipHop implied there were Bloods involved.

No one knows who is responsible for the defacement, but Prodigy’s former Bars n Hooks understudy Mike Delorean implied in a recent interview that it was Prodigy’s many unsettled beefs with Queensbridge natives that had people feeling a way about the mural.

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