Frank Ocean’s Panorama Festival Shirt Is A Direct Sub To The Rise Of Bigotry In 2017

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Even though he pulled out of a few shows, Frank Ocean has been the talk of festival season as the summer is entering its final month. Last week, Brad Pitt showing up for Frank’s set — and the incredible performance Frank put on — was the talk of FYF Fest, and this week he might own the Panorama Music Festival weekend in New York with one shirt.

When Frank took the stage for his headlining performance Friday night, he did so in a t-shirt embossed with the words “Why be racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic when you could just be quiet?” It’s quite the statement, and a little reminiscent of the gear Andre 3000 rocked during the Outkast reunion tour in 2014, including this doozy from Lollapalooza that year.

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Frank’s shirt could be seen as a shot at Donald Trump, who checks about every one of those boxes, but it’s likely just a message to all bigotry, Trump’s own acts included. The enigmatic singer never seems to disappoint, and judging by the early reactions to his performance, he’s stealing the show yet again with all of his usual magic. The shirt is just the cherry on the top and yet another example of why Frank is so fascinating.

As for the shirt, it’s listed as an “anti-trump” shirt on the Green Box Shop website for just $18.99 in white, gold, pink and blue, as well as tye dye here.

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