Future And Young Thug’s ‘All The Smoke’ Video Is A Chilling Portrait Of Desperation

Hip-Hop Editor

Future and Young Thug’s Super Slimey joint mixtape made some noise toward the end of last year, but it’s only now that they’ve released the first single/video from the project. “All The Smoke” was a tape standout so it’s only right it gets a chilling video to highlight the sense of desperation that fuels the ominously violent lyrical subject matter.

The video depicts the dangerous lengths to which a group of neglected group home kids will go to escape their impoverished conditions. While remaining somewhat lighthearted thanks to the addition of a smart-mouthed younger child, the older kids wrap him up in their dangerous plan to kidnap, rob, and ransom a local D-boy, holding him hostage in an abandoned school gym/auditorium. The juxtaposition of the visuals is stark, highlighting the lack of options typically available to many inner-city youths and how that desperation can turn them toward extreme measures.

While joint projects should mostly remain a thing of the past, it’s nice to see two of Atlanta’s biggest rap stars continuing to support their work, especially because they are using it to highlight serious issues instead of just stunting. Who knows if they’ll support any other Super Slimey cuts like this, but if they do, let’s hope they all reach the same level of stunning creativity.

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