Gene Simmons’ Daughter Sophie Is A Big Fan Of Rap And She Even Wrote A Song For Rick Ross

08.01.16 3 years ago

Generally, it’s a respected rule of rap that ghostwriters keep their “jobs” on the low. Though most fans of the genre understand that everyone doesn’t pen all of their raps, and we’ve recently seen a beef come to fruition behind this notion, ghostwriters are to be paid and not seen. While there’s always been a few folks who’ve proudly used ghostwriters (Kanye and Dr. Dre), have told fans they’ve ghostwritten for others (Jay-Z, Royce) and ignored accusations of being ghostwritten for (Drake), there’s a general consensus that ghostwriters are usually rappers. With that knowledge in tact, it’s with good-natured fun to provide this breaking news that Sophie Simmons may have a ghostwritten track by Rick Ross.

Sophie Simmons is Gene Simmons’ daughter. Yes, that Gene Simmons. In a fitting twist of irony, though the older Simmons hates rap his offspring seems to enjoy it a lot. Sophie said she’s been working with singers, has an EP dropping, and also has dabbled her hands in rap. She told TMZ that she’s been “writing songs for people lately, I just wrote a track for Rick Ross.”

True to her occupation, she doesn’t give out any details about the track, nor did she name which track she wrote, but the evidence is clear. Sophie is ghostwriting for Rick Ross. Who’d have thought some little rich white chick was penning rhymes for one of rap’s biggest stars?

All jokes aside, it’s likely she wrote a hook or provided some vocals. Still, it’s fun to hear that Sophie is engaged with rap when her father hates it so much. When Sophie was asked if it was odd for her to collaborate with rappers given her father’s pedigree she said “he doesn’t get it. He’s just never understood hip-hop or rap, but I grew up with it, so that’s what I’ve always listened to.”

Two more points for rap. Zero points for Gene Simmons.

(Via TMZ)

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