GoldLink And April George Have Amazing Musical Chemistry On ‘Rough Soul’

With so much technology available to musicians, songs are overproduced more often than not. That’s why GoldLink’s “Rough Soul” seems to carry somewhat of a vintage vibe, which is more than welcomed. It also sets up beautiful chemistry between Link and his featured singer April George.

Built with only one reversed synth line, live bass, occasional tambourine grooves and a relatively basic drum kit, this refined single from the DMV rising star offers more with less. Furthermore, the slimmed down frame from producer Kintaro of The Internet allows the vocals to shine from both Link and George. By complementing Link’s brand of stylish confidence with her warming vocals, their respective moods merge into one and offer what feels like a genuine connection on wax, naturally playing off one another and never coming across forced.

Considering the obvious connection, there’s a good chance we can see April George and GoldLink hook up again down the road. Every rapper should have a good singer and vice versa, ya know? Mary and Meth. Nas and Lauryn Hill. Doc Dre and Marsha Ambrosius. Royce and Mel Rutherford. In my opinion, if April and Goldie can continue making music of this caliber together, they could both benefit from becoming a musical item. We’ll see.

Stream and download below.

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