Gucci Mane Is ‘Living The Life’ In His New Supreme Ad

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Gucci Mane’s been a very busy guy since returning home from incarceration. We can now add “Supreme model” to the list of post-prison accomplishments for Guwop after he starred in a newly released video ad for the infamous streetwear brand.

In the clip directed by Harmony Korine, the East Atlanta legend is laid back “keeping it light like a diet Sprite” in his expansive crib known to most as the current backdop for all things Gucci. It’s all rather pointless but hilarious nonetheless as he describes his shopping habits (“I shop on the Internet, I don’t go to the store. I just hit the button”) and plays an altered version of Prince’s “1999” on his piano. The song’s got catchy lyrics so don’t be surprised if it turns up on a mixtape soon.

On the actual music front, Gucci is planning to release his first post-prison album, Everybody Looking on July 22. Producer Zaytoven said that the project was recorded in one week and done right after Gucci became a free man. “All he was waiting on was the beats,” Zay told XXL. “He had all his songs written already and me and Mike Will were already doing the music before he got out ‘cause we knew what he wanted to do. All it was from there was recording so it was easy.”

“I think he came out with a clear mind and focused,” Zaytoven explained regarding Guwop’s renewed focus. “Even though he’s been locked up for so long, he sat and thought about all the songs that he wrote. A lot of the time, he might come in and rap in the spirit of the moment. But he took his time and effort on [this album].”

Gucci recently debuted the video for “First Day Out Da Feds,” which can be viewed here.

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