Ja Rule ‘Fyre-s’ Back On Twitter In Response To The Netflix And Hulu Documentaries: ‘I Would Never Scam Anybody’

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The Fyre Festival disaster is once again coming under public scrutiny thanks to the Netflix and Hulu documentaries discussing details of the fiasco.

Both Netflix’s Fyre Festival: The Greatest Party That Never Happened and Hulu’s Fyre Fraud documentaries follow the story of rapper Ja Rule and festival creator/entrepreneur Billy McFarland from festival idea to festival meltdown.

Ja Rule played a major role in the marketing and development of the failed festival, which resulted in stranded festival-goers, broken sewage facilities, and garbage-ridden grounds. However, the rapper took to Twitter to express his frustration about the way he was portrayed in the documentaries, saying that he “would never scam anybody.”

Ja Rule then went on air his frustration with those who watched the documentary and thought negatively of him afterward.

One Twitter follower corrected Ja Rule, pointing out that it was not just one, but two documentaries that showed the rapper in a less-than-savory light. A quote in Netflix’s documentary shows Ja Rule making the toast “Here’s to living like movie stars, partying like rock stars, and f*cking like porn stars.”

Ja Rule attempted to hold up his claim that he wasn’t involved in any fraud.

He then tried to re-focus the blame on others mentioned in both documentaries.

Although Ja Rule was trying to save his image following the release of the documentaries, fans still weren’t happy.

Billy McFarland, founder of the failed Fyre Festival, was sentenced to serve six years in prison for making false claims to investors and sharing fraudulent documents. McFarland plead guilty to the charges, following his original not-guilty plea. McFarland was also accused of committing fraud during other big events like the Grammys, Coachella, and the Met Gala. These acts of fraud amounted investors losing nearly $26 million.