Here’s The Stuff Jay Z Wants You To Buy Him For His Birthday

12.04.16 2 years ago

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December 4th, a child was born.

Yes, it’s Jay Z day, and this year Shawn Carter is celebrating his 47th birthday. Undoubtedly he’ll spend his day doing something amazing, expensive and surrounded by loved ones. Beyonce will be there, so will little Blue Ivy and Jay is closing in on a billion-dollar net worth, so he doesn’t really need anything. Still, it’s the man’s birthday and everybody deserves gifts on their birthday, it’s tradition.

So that brings up the age old question: what do you give the man who has everything. Unfortunately for us, Jay doesn’t have one of those Amazon wish lists online that makes it easy for potential gift givers. Fortunately for us, we have 20 years of Jay Z in our lives that should make it simple enough to figure this out and get the new 47-year-old exactly what he’s clamoring for on his birthday. So here are your best options, if you’re on a budget, if you have Jay Z money and everything between. You can get Blue’s daddy a gift if you please and here are the best ideas for what to get the man that has everything.

Banana Pudding


When Jay uttered the words “Banana pudding,” on his Blueprint track “Blueprint (Momma Loves Me)” he said it with such conviction that you just know that succulent dessert dish was near and dear to his heart. So why not whip up some banana pudding for Jay on his special day? You can head to your local grocery store to grab the requisite items or if you’re lazy, Postmates will deliver you some groceries in a jiffy.

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