Jay Z Took A Picture With A Famous Cricketer After Asking Him An Important Question

06.12.17 9 months ago


Much has been made about Jay Z’s photo op decorum in the past few weeks, and now we have even more insight into his process. Jigga has been sojourning Jamaica for the past couple days, recording with Roc Nation signee Damian Marley and meeting other Jamaican music dignitaries such as Reggae legend Sister Nancy — who’s “Bam Bam” song you’ve probably heard before.

Jay was recently chillin’ with Marley when Cricketer Marlon Samuels sat down next to him for a picture. Jay is known for namedropping every athlete from basketball to NASCAR in his lyrics, but apparently he’s less knowledgeable when it comes to cricket because he jokingly told Samuels he “can’t be takin’ pictures with bums” before asking, “you nice right?”

Samuels took the joke in the stride, and the two took a pleasant photo. It turns out that Samuels is indeed nice, and has a good amount of accolades in the sport. Maybe he’ll work his way into a lyric on Jay’s upcoming album, which we keep hearing speculation about but don’t know a release date for.

It’s cool that no matter how larger than life Jay Z seems as an artist, these candid interactions– whether awkward or endearing –- showcase his sense of humor. He’s just like us after all -– exorbitant net worth notwithstanding.

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