Jay-Z And Kanye West Are Reportedly Inching Closer Toward Ending Their Feud

There has been no love lost between Jay-Z and Kanye West in the last year. It all began when Kanye went on stage during his Pablo tour and went off on Jay and told him to “call me like a man.” The outburst was part of a mental breakdown that landed Kanye in the hospital for an extended stay and ended the tour, and ‘Ye has been mostly secluded ever since. Well, that didn’t stop Jay from snapping back, first on his new album 4:44 and later in an interview with Rap Radar, but now it appears the whole feud is slowly inching towards a reconciliation.

TMZ reports that Kanye has reached out to Jay to ask for a face-to-face sit-down with his “big brother,” in an effort to hash things out. There is no word on if Jay accepted the invite, but he has said he’s open and assumes that he and Kanye will make up at some point.

Reports ran every which way when Jay dissed Kanye on the track “Kill Jay-Z” from 4:44, from Kanye being furious to Kanye still considering Jay a “brother.” At the end of the day, the jabs from his mentor may be what Yeezy needed to spark some creativity and ambition as he works on new music, and as everybody knows, sometimes family fights but at the end of the day you’re still family. While the feud is interesting, the rap world is probably better when Jay and Kanye are friends, and it looks like they might be getting back to that very soon.