Jay-Z Captures True Desperation In The Video For ‘Kill Jay Z’

The visual aspect of Jay Z’s 4:44 has been almost as impressive as the album, with a ton of trailers, videos and the stunning behind the scenes “Footnotes” mini-documentaries to accompany the album. Much like he has with Tidal, Jay clearly valued the visual component of this album as he seems to put as much — if not more — effort into these visuals as he did into recording the actual music.

The latest result of that is the video for the album’s opening track “Kill Jay Z,” where the video seems to pause entirely to highlight a few lines about Jay’s old pal Kanye West. The lines directed at Kanye are played right after a break in the action, and while the video is more expression than performance as Jay never makes an appearance, the highlighting of those lines seems to be both intentional and pointed.

The feud between the two runs deep, as in the time since the album dropped Kanye has split from Tidal over a financial dispute and there seems to be even more going on behind the scenes. Though 2 Chainz said Kanye told him he still views Jay as a brother even after the jabs, rumors have spread that Kanye is upset and will have some words for Jay. This whole thing might be a blessing in disguise, because it might be just what Kanye needs to motivate himself back to greatness, but in the mean time things are just going to be messy until it all either gets patched up, or gets even worse.