You’re Gonna Want This Kanye West ‘Make Chicago Great Again’ Hat

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11.02.16 3 Comments


Kanye West is beginning his 2020 presidential campaign a little early. We still have a few more days until Hillary Clinton walks with this election — right. guys? — but Ye is already building up his campaign swag with a new “Make Chicago Great Again” hat. The hat mocks Donald Trump‘s endlessly exploitable headwear and is set to come with a new deluxe reissue of Kanye’s 2004 debut The College Dropout.

The seeming dig comes at the tail-end of a wave of anti-Trump sentiment among musicians. We’ve seen famous folks driven to do everything from write a series of angry tweets to writing whole protest songs about the idea of a Trump presidency. And, of course, whether or not the hat is a swipe at Trump depends on perspective, the Republican presidential candidate has harped repeatedly on the idea of inner-city violence, so it might be he agrees with the white cap’s warped slogan.

The hat and the CD reissue of Dropout are on sale now exclusively through F.Y.E. for $20. That’s a whole $5 less than the cost of a real deal MAGA hat from the man himself. And if you can also get “All Falls Down” and “Two Words” in the bargain, well, that’s just a great deal. That’s something we’re sure The Donald appreciates.

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