Kendrick Lamar Defines What It Means To Be A Champion In New Reebok Classic Ad Campaign

Kendrick Lamar’s ongoing campaign with Reebok Classic will see the global release of their latest collaboration using the Club C model after the shoe saw a limited release two weeks ago. Leading up the launch, Lamar was paired with acclaimed director Nabil to discuss the values he holds close to heart and the link between those things and his latest kicks.

The short set of clips, shot in front of a projection Compton High School’s tennis court, capture Kendrick in his own words as he describes the fearlessness, confidence and expression that helped him achieve success. “I always held myself on a higher pedestal to be a champion, you know, whether I was an inch close or whether I was a half a mile,” he says. “I just felt like the was always the goal to put the pressure on myself to reach a certain level of success and the shoe represents that, period.”

It was that push to be the best that Lamar says drove him in his early on his career. His biggest challenge wasn’t to win over fans or critics. Instead, his goal was to outdo himself and the standards he set. “Everyone wants to glorify the person who actually got the trophy,” he says. “You gotta be willing to do it if the trophy wasn’t in your hands anyway. [I] Think the champ is always the underdog at heart, even while winning.”

That sounds like the same drive that fuels his music to this very day.

The official campaign, also shot by Nabil, will release on Monday, January 30th. Watch the teaser clips for now.