Kevin Gates’ Parole Date Has Been Pushed Up And He Might Be Out Of Jail Very Soon

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When Kevin Gates was sent to jail for 180 days back in 2016, it was supposed to be a minor blip in a career that was surging towards superstardom. Gates had become a veritable hitmaker, with massive streaming numbers placing him amongst the likes of Beyonce and Drake. Still, a six-month prison stay is nothing to sneeze at, especially when considering sentence came after Gates kicked a female fan in the head at a concert. Gates alleged it was self-defense after the woman groped him, and though the incident was ugly it appeared he would do his time in jail and return right back to his fledging career.

It was not meant to be though, as Kevin was extradited to Illinois where he received a 30-month prison sentence for a weapons case. Now, it appears the 31-year-old rapper may be getting out much sooner than anticipated as the Illinois Department of Corrections website has his projected parole date listed as January 10th of 2018. This is six months sooner than the previously listed June 2018, and his release date even without parole has been pushed up as well to January 2019.

It’s unclear why six months have been shaved off of Gates’ sentence, or if he will actually be granted parole in two weeks, but these projections are a lot more optimistic than the 30 months he received to begin his sentence. Gates has remained busy even while behind bars, releasing a new mixtape and penning his fans an open letter as he awaits his release. Now, it could come much sooner than anybody expected.