Kevin Hart Brings Out His Rap Alter Ego Chocolate Droppa To Do Battle With Meek Mill

Managing Hip-Hop Editor

It looks like Meek Mill didn’t take heed to the warning shots Chocolate Droppa served to other rappers recently. Of course, Droppa is just the rhyme-slinging alter ego of comedian Kevin Hart but, still, the man’s got bars so he’s not the brother you want to battle!

The action went down recently at Drai’s Nightclub in Las Vegas where the two squared off on stage in a scene that was more Wild ‘N Out than 8 Mile. The clip captures Meek initially serving Hart with a few lightweight lines capped off with mock threats of gunfire if he catches the comedian back on the streets of their native Philly. Droppa wasn’t scared because he stepped right up to serve Meek, critiquing his outfit from top to bottom. “ “I looked at my n**** jeans I said, ‘We been done with that’ / Stop f**king wearing pants that show your shape ain’t shit / I look at you, I look at Nicki, I say, ‘girl, you’re too legit to quit’.” The bad part is Hart even stops to diss a couple Meek’s boys’ outfit, too, making them collateral damage in the process.

In the end, Hart reverts back to himself and confirms that he has lots of Brotherly Love for his fellow Philadelphian. True, because they’ve made a habit of joking on each other over the years on social media and they’ve battled before for anyone who remembers their backstage session from 2012.

Thank goodness it was all fun and games. Meek’s career might not be able to withstand another viscous L in a battle.

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