Lil Kim Is Teasing A ‘Ladies Night’ Remake With Remy Ma And Cardi B

If there’s one thing Lil Kim knows how to do it’s take advantage of a moment. Following Remy Ma’s release of her diss track “ShETHER,” the iconic female emcee hosted a performance with both Remy and newcomer Cardi B. There, Remy spat a quick freestyle about Nicki Minaj, drilling her about ghostwriters. But there was more in the tank according to Kim. Apparently, an age old female rap anthem is about to get a modern update.

While performing at the Hip Hop & Soul concert in Pennsylvania, Queen Bee put it all out there. “Let me give a shout out to my beautiful sisters that were on this stage earlier,” she said. “Cardi B, that’s baby! Remy, b*tch, I fu*cking love your ass. That’s my baby. Maybe ya’ll might see something in the future. How ’bout that? Another ‘Ladies Night.’ We might be due for that.” Oh yeah?

The original Ladies Night, officially titled “Not Tonight (Ladies Night Remix)” was a 1997 track featuring Da Brat, Angie Martinez, Missy Elliott, Left Eye and Kim herself. The song itself was a tour de force of female emcees at the time sampling a track by Kool & The Gang from back in 1979.

While three rappers are accounted for, it’s not likely for Nicki Minaj to join this new generation. Though she did appear on that one mixtape version of “Freaky Girl” with Kim back in the day, their drama is a longstanding beef. Couple that with her recent feud with Remy Ma which made us question the utility of rap battles in today’s commercial climate, and it seems like it would be a frigid day in the studio when these three teamed up.

In her place, Trina could of course make an appearance. After all, she’s already shown support for the project in interviews, and her Miami rhymes would be no doubt in lockstep with the type of sexually-laced flow Kim and Cardi B would bring to the table. And for the fifth name? Why not borrow from the original remix again and go with Missy Elliott who recently has been making her come back in the game.

Sounds like someone should book some studio time.