Lil Uzi Vert Plans To Unlock His Inner Marilyn Manson And Unleash A Freestyle Rock Album Next

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After months, and months, and months of anticipation, speculation and rumor, today, Lil Uzi Vert finally unveiled his heavily anticipated album Luv Is Rage 2. Uzi first announced the project all the way back in December, and his fans were more than relived to finally get a listen to the new 16-track record, that comes with contributions from Pharrell as well as the Weeknd.

To give Luv Is Rage 2 the proper welcome, Uzi logged an appearance on Beats 1 with Zane Lowe, where, while wearing some dark shades and giving off some major, smoldering, Keith Richards-esque rock star vibes, he touched on a whole range of different topics, like, for instance, what he hopes to release next. As it turns out he want to take things into more of a rock direction on his next project.

“I’ma come out with a rock band,” he told Lowe. More than that, he plans to go off the dome with it. “I don’t write, I just go in there,” he said. “It’s kinda hard for it to be bad. “I don’t even be looking at my songs like they’re good or bad. Remember, they’re my children. So when I put ’em out, someone accepts them.”

They also touched on his love for Marilyn Manson. “I hate him,” Uzi deadpanned when Lowe brought him up. The two thought about calling him up, but recognized he’d probably be asleep considering it was daytime during their chat. “We don’t talk about music,” Uzi said of his friendship to the goth rock artist, of whom he owns a diamond encrusted approximation. “We just be like turnt up, but like turnt up in a professional, unguided way.”

You can watch their entire talk in the interview above.