Of Course Lupe Fiasco Is Taking Drake’s Side In The Kid Cudi Drama

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The Drake and Kid Cudi feud is just getting started, and with Cudder someone finding wifi and launching a counter attack on Twitter today, everybody is chiming in once again. This includes Lupe Fiasco, who has his own ties to Cudi and had a spat with him on Twitter before as well. Predictably, Lu is not amused by Cudi’s antics, nor is he getting defensive about Drake attacking his mental health while Cudi is in rehab. The always vocal Lupe went on a rant on Twitter about the whole drama.

The duo have their own issues from the past, mostly stemming from — at least publicly — Twitter. Of course. First there was the time back in 2014 when Lupe was selling verses to his fans for $500 on Twitter, a noble concept. Except Cudi didn’t agree, and wondered aloud where that money was going to go. This led to an interesting exchange of Kermit memes but things eventually ended.

Then, a few months later, Cudi came to Azelia Banks defense when Lu was launching his own social media attack at her. This led to more tweets, including this one:

And this one:

Eventually that settled down as well and nobody really knows what came of it. So yeah, it’s not all that surprising to see Lupe both chime in on the Drake-Cudi beef and ultimately take the 6 God’s side. Still, after all of that he says he’d be willing to squash things with Cudder if he apologized.

Rap beef in 2016 ladies and gentlemen.

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