Nicki Minaj Teases Her Upcoming Album On Major Lazer’s New Track ‘Run Up’

Major Lazer’s next album Music is the Weapon doesn’t have a release date just yet, but the level of anticipation just ratcheted up a notch or two thanks to the release of the new song “Run Up,” featuring Nicki Minaj and PartyNextDoor. The rhythmic pace of the production is enough to send bodies to the dancefloor and PND’s energetic vocals float right along. But, let’s acknowledge the pink elephant in the room — Nicki brings the heat with her verse, showing no signs of rust or languish after her recent break-up. In fact, she’s in boss form here, exuding pure confidence and proving why her name should always be included when discussing best rappers in the game, male or female.

“Yo, I told ’em pull up on me faster than Danica
Thats on the low I’m tryna blow him like harmonicas
He call me queen, he know “Nicki” is the Moniker
He want a mix between Hillary and Monica
I switch it up, I switch it up
Rip the beat, then I, I stitch it up
Travel, then I bounce, I ball-up
Barbie a link up Major Lazer”

And if that wasn’t enough, she makes sure to mention “‘Bout to drop a album, this is my fourth,” which will definitely delight her dedicated fans even more. Sure, her label’s president already hinted that she’s been back in the booth recently and Lil Wayne’s talked about recording with her, too. But hearing it from the queen herself just makes it that much more real and exciting.

There’s no word on whether “Run Up” will be included on Major Lazer’s fourth LP just yet. While we wait for more details, enjoy the track above.