Migos Visibly Balk When Asked If They’d Perform At A Gay Club With Makonnen

While riding high off the biggest record of their careers, The Migos somehow swan dived right into some controversy back in February when they made some disparaging, off-hand remarks about iLoveMakonnen, who had recently come out as gay. The group called the news “wack” and all individually had a reaction that was essentially the same thing as Peter Griffin saying “Ah, gay” at the sight of one man giving another mouth to mouth resuscitation.

It has dogged them ever since, causing the group to issue a statement clarifying their views and apologizing for the comments, and later Quavo went the “I have gay friends” route by noting to Billboard that he has music with Frank Ocean, who has long been open about his own bisexuality.

Now, they’re back at it, digging the hole a little bit deeper after TMZ caught up with the trio at an airport and they almost managed to go an entire two minutes without sticking their feet in their mouths before they went ahead and did it anyway in cringeworthy fashion. Things were going just fine, with each member basically saying the comments were blown out of proportion and they respect people’s sexuality, then the interviewer asked if the group would be willing to perform in a gay club with Makonnen and things got awkward fast.

Everybody noticeably paused and considered the question, and finally it was Offset who eventually chimed in and said, rather bluntly “Nah.” He continued saying “Salute to everybody that chose their route, I just ain’t gonna do that,” and the damage was done.

Quavo and Takeoff, for their part, tried to clean it up, saying “If the club paying the same way the pay The Migos to perform, (Takeoff: “If the bag long enough”) I’ll perform.”

Migos should probably stop falling for the bait, because it seems that whenever they’re tasked with making a comment on the issue they’re going to say something that will be picked apart and thrown back into their faces. Their views are their views, and even if they’re “eww, gay,” they’re entitled to that, but they’re probably better off keeping them to themselves and passing on all Makonnen or gay questions from now on, just for controversy’s sake.