Gucci Mane Links With Migos For The Sonny Digital-Produced Track ‘Now’

Gucci Mane working with Migos is like Ken Griffey Sr. and Jr. suited up together in Mariners uniforms back in 1990. As far as trap rap guys, these four guys combine to represent the one of the alpha dogs and his young alles for the sound on “Now,” produced by fellow Atlanta resident Sonny Digital.

The rolling thunder beat leads the way for Guwop to come through with a first verse that sets the tone.

“Hey f*ckboy won’t you talk that shit now?
Gucci, I’m so turned up it make you look turnt down
Now, I turn your smile to a frown
I’m the king that wore the crown
Keep your eyes to the ground
Now you must be from out of town
Cause everybody round here know that Wop don’t f*ck around”

From there, it’s nothing but Migos flying with words from every direction, ricocheting off the ropes and leaping from the turnbuckles with their talks of racks, diamonds, and chick-snatching. The trio’s energy is endless, as are their rhymes when considering they just delivered the 3 Way EP while chipping away at their next project, No Label 3.

“Now” is set to live on Digital Trapstars’ Screens On Lock 3, which is available for free listening here.