Watch Miguel And DJ Premier Throw A Sultry Warehouse Dance Party In Their ‘2 Lovin U’ Video

A few years back, Miguel hooked up with the legendary DJ Premier to create some new material for his stellar, next album, eventually titled Wildheart. Sadly, none of the stuff they worked on ended up making the final cut, though we did get to hear a piece of something on Instagram then-known as “Damned.” The fruits of that labor have now finally revealed however, in a brand new song and video titled “2 Lovin U.”

The clip finds Miguel entering what appears to be an empty warehouse. The jaunty, guitar-driven riff hits and Miguel starts crooning. The lights go out and a range of different couples start making out with one another in the darkness. Midway through, DJ Premier shows up with his turntable to add some killer signature scratching.

“The snippet you heard on Miguel’s Instagram, mine is the original,” Premo explained in a press release. “Miguel and I were vibing at a session and just really seeing what we could come up with. What we came up with was a dope, but rough version of what you hear today. Miguel and I had deadlines and we never got around to finishing it. We both really believed in this version of the track and we both felt very strongly that it needed to come out and be released as a single. Miguel and I approached the label about releasing it and everyone was on-board.”

Miguel added in an interview with MTV, “Unfortunately, the music that we did create doesn’t make [the] album,” he said. “Every album, for me, is about the entire body of work. It’s never about one song. Every piece of the puzzle supports the picture, so if one of the pieces doesn’t fit and doesn’t capture the emotion and sonic representation I’m hearing, unfortunately I just have to save it for something else.”

We’re glad that something else finally got to see the light of day. Check out the video above.