YoungBoy NBA Was Arrested In Atlanta For Weed Possession And Physical Obstruction


YoungBoy NBA has been arrested again. According to TMZ, the Louisianna rapper was taken into police custody in Atlanta on Monday afternoon, following an altercation at a hotel. The 19-year-old was apparently charged with three misdemeanors — possession of marijuana, use of fighting words, and physical obstruction.

According to reports TMZ received from law enforcement, YoungBoy NBA and a female companion identified as “Starr Thigpen” were in a hotel room when housekeeping came by for routine cleaning. Youngboy allegedly instructed Thigpen to get the housekeepers to leave. At this point, Thigpen allegedly attacked one of the housekeepers. The fight spilled into the hallway and lasted until the housekeeper was able to flee and call the police. When law enforcement arrived, both Thigpen and Youngboy were arrested. The rapper is now reportedly being held at Atlanta City Detention Center where he is waiting for his bond to be set. He will have to attend a court hearing on Tuesday morning.

This is not the first time YoungBoy NBA has gotten himself in trouble with the law. Last March, the rapper was charged with aggravated assault and kidnapping after another incident in a hotel in which he was caught on camera beating his then-girlfriend.