Nicki Minaj Tries To Outdo Kim Kardashian’s Internet Breaking Cover With One Of Her Own And Folks Went Mad

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11.15.17 2 Comments

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WARNING: NSFW content ahead

Kim Kardashian’s PAPER magazine cover is the stuff of internet legend at this point, even if the idea of claiming you broke the internet seems off unless you really do it. The partially nude cover garnered plenty of attention back in 2014, but now Nicki Minaj has come for the crown and she isn’t coming alone.

For PAPER‘s 2017 winter issue, three faces of Nicki Minaj grace the cover in a set of salacious poses that make Kardashian seem fairly tame in comparison. Roman Zolanski, The The Harajuku Barbie, and Onika herself — though it could be some of the many others — are front and center to represent the many alter egos of Minaj, all while attempting to push limits of what would earn the magazine one of those black bags you see at the gas station.

But that’s only the cover and Minaj teased much more of what it teases for inside the magazine with a NSFW video clip the preceded the cover reveal, seemingly showing the many versions of Minaj playing around with each other.

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