Nipsey Hussle Has Been Challenged To A Charity Boxing Match By A Disgruntled Sports Anchor

How did a disgruntled, San Francisco-based sports anchor end up challenging Los Angeles rapper-businessman Nipsey Hussle to a literal boxing match? Well, it all started with P. Diddy, which is how all stories should probably start. Starting in October, possibly spurred by the NFL’s increasing separation between activist players and the conservative owners seeking to shut down their displays of protest, Diddy (aka Brother Love) began tweeting about buying the NFL. Like, the whole thing.

Of course, the journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step, so Diddy — astute businessman that he is — began to set his sights a little lower, namely, at the mismanaged Carolina Panthers. After tweeting that he wants to buy the Panthers and receiving encouragement from an unlikely source in the NBA’s Steph Curry, Henry Wofford, a sportscaster for KRON4 in San Francisco, derided Diddy’s plan, wondering on the air if he was drunk or high (on 40’s and blunts, no less).

Nipsey Hussle took exception to this treatment and basically cussed Wofford out via Instagram and TMZ, which drew the following rather unusual response from Wofford. “I saw you on @TMZ saying you’ll beat me down when you see me,” he tweeted, “Here’s your opportunity.I’m old school and only fight for a cause. Let’s raise money for the Black Community.We can box or go MMA style in a celebrity fight.Hug when it’s over. Let me know time and place!”

In a now deleted pair of tweets, Nipsey responded by comparing Wofford to Samuel L. Jackson’s Stephen character in Django Unchained, called him an Uncle Tom, and advised not to attack Wofford themselves, preferring to let karma do the work. However, after the pair apparently spoke on the phone, the tweets disappeared and Nipsey revised his approach, walking back his earlier comments in a gentlemanly fashion.

“We human. We all make mistakes,” he apologized. “After our convo I understand that he is sincere about balancing the damage and that he feels like it was a mistake. we gone forgive him and allow him the platform to clear his name…the person I spoke to aint the one we saw on TV.” For his part, Wofford also tried to mitigate his earlier comments, quoting the Hussle tweet and writing, “RESPECT.”

Now, for what it’s worth, I think it’d be fun to see a good-natured, sporting sort of event like this for any and all online beef — especially if the proceeds go to charity. It’s been suggested before (along with offers of rap battles), but it looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to finally see a rapper or two step in the ring.