N.O.R.E. And Memphis Bleek Are Plug Brothers And Here’s Their New Track, ‘Mogul’

“Who got Hov on the phone with Joe Crack? Me and Bleek had it ‘All the Way Up’ and that’s that…”

Who’s having a better late game resurgence than N.O.R.E.? The Drink Champs podcast has captivated a ton of attention and he, along with Memphis Bleek, helped Jay Z and Fat Joe end their long-running dispute to come together on the “All the Way Up (Remix).” Now, he and Bleek are teaming up for their own tag team called Plug Brothers and they’ve released their first track, “Mogul.”

The track’s essentially a rundown of where each guy’s at right now with Melvyn Flynt’s part of the story being more engaging obviously. In a matter of months, not only has he settled the aforementioned beef but he also got DMX off Drake’s ass, which he mentions, and that’s no small feat. Like he raps in the song, “I reinvented myself” and now he’s the co-host with the most. There’s a jab at Elliott Wilson in there, too, but it looks like things are cool between the two since N.O.R.E. credited YN with making him want to rhyme again.

Bleek sounds pretty confident with his position as…I don’t know what Bleek does honestly. There’s probably a human resources rep at Roc who feels the same way. Rap’s most successful weed carrier, maybe? Either way, we love him the same.