Post Malone Got A Hilarious Olive Garden Christmas Gift From Dennis Rodman

Getty Image

When Olive Garden executives sat around their Thanksgiving tables last month, they surely mentioned Post Malone while listing off the things for which they were thankful. The rapper gave the Italian eatery a ton of great promotion this year, most notably when he took Jimmy Fallon to eat at the restaurant for a Tonight Show segment. Malone recently found himself in a room with NBA legend Dennis Rodman, and while they were together, Rodman gave Malone a small Christmas gift that was very well received: a $25 Olive Garden gift card.

Rodman posted a video of the exchange, during which he pulls the gift card out of his sock, claiming, “I had to put it in my sock or I’d lose it.” Malone happily accepts the gift, saying, “You didn’t have to do that, man,” before going in for a hug and then adding, “I love it. I absolutely f**king love it. Thank you so much, man, very very sweet of you.” Photographer Adam DeGross also posted a photo of the two on Instagram with the caption, “DENNIS RODMAN got POST MALONE a Christmas gift.” Sure enough, the snap depicts the pair smiling, with Malone holding a $25 Olive Garden gift card in the air for all to see.

In other Post Malone news, it’s possible that he could be releasing an excellent cover song in the near future: When asked on Twitter if he would record a rendition of Mark Morrison’s classic “Return Of The Mack” to benefit Hilarity For Charity, he responded, “Yes sir!”