Pusha T Continues To Push Kaine And Clinton With A New Interview

Pusha T used to push ‘caine. Now, he’s pushing others to vote for Kaine.

Two weekends ago, Pusha T hosted a block party in Miami on behalf of the Clinton-Kaine campaign with Senator Tim Kaine making an appearance. The rapper and the politician had a chance to sit down for a conversation on camera after the event ended where the “two Virgina guys” were able to discuss the many topics on everyone’s mind as election day nears.

Imagining Pusha as a political player may take some getting used to obviously. It’s hard to erase the image he’s created for himself in rhymes over the years. In this year’s election, he’s been an unlikely surrogate for the Democratic campaign but it could be an earnest sign of growth. He and the senator dive into talks on police brutality, systematic racism, putting a focus on education instead of imprisonment and more.

Whereas he was more passive in his recent interview with 13th creator Ava DuVernay, the rapper’s more engaged here, telling Kaine “My biggest concern is the criminal justice system. We’re definitely on the same page in regard to knowing that it’s flawed and it’s need to be fixed.” Kaine agrees with him and suggests more respect between community members and cops is important as well as more data-keeping for the number of citizens killed by police.

Push also notes that while we’re making history if Hillary Clinton takes office, there are barriers in place that keep people of color pushed out of owning a piece of the American Dream. Kaine says reform is necessary because “There is [systematic racism] in housing. There is in employment. There is in the criminal justice system. There is in voting rights.”

He continues, “There’s more progress to achieve, but we keep moving forward.”

If there’s one thing rap fans in particular can take note of it’s that change is clearly possible. Pusha T’s an example of that because no one would’ve ever guessed the guy who rode with Jesus in a droptop Cadillac for his first album cover would be playing a role in the election of our next president. Towards the end, Kaine even praises Push for “speaking a message to people and helping advance our country.” In an election where many young black voters are choosing apathy over the two available candidates, let’s hope the rapper’s leading by example encourages others to follow him to the voting booth.

Watch the full interview above.

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