R. Kelly Denies Everything About ‘Sex Cult’ Allegations In A Breezy New Video

R. Kelly denies all sexual cult allegations by letting people know in his own eloquent phrasing, that it’s all “a bunch of crap.” The R&B singer took to social media to say he’ll be continuing is U.S tour regardless of all the “crap” surrounding him. Earlier this month Buzzfeed reports Kelly to be physically and mentally abusing young women in his Chicago and Atlanta homes. A few people have came to the singer’s defense such as John Singleton, director of Snowfall, who says the women involved are adult females and “a lot of people have a lot of girl friends.”

Even though Singleton is supporting the legality of what Kelly is allegedly doing, there’s still an uneasiness to the situation as many people come out to claim that R. Kelly is a “master of mind control.” R.Kelly himself seems to be uneasy since recent reports say he hired Monique Presseley who represented Bill Cosby through his sexual assault trial which concluded in a mistrial.

This recent video of Kelly denying all allegations is not comforting, nor does it incline us to believe that he is innocent. The dark, crappy, low quality video simply implies unbothered R. Kelly is putting his energy into his tour that is set to hit the east coast. Most of us know the allegations are not so far out of the realm of “it could be true,” and many people are more inclined to believe it’s probably true, given that R. Kelly married Aaliyah when she was only 15 and has been sued on child pornography charges before. The video ends with a quick “I hope to see you there” and “I love you” to his fans who have yet to refund their tickets.

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